7 Steps to Shipping Success

1. Always include a telephone number

  • We will not send international courier without a telephone contact. We recommend that even if you are mailing something, you should always include the sender’s and receiver’s phone number, that way if there is any problem there is a chance to fix it.

2. Always put a separate delivery address label

  • Air Way Bills can fall out of their pouches. In busy operations and custom areas I have witnessed paperwork accidently being switched on goods between consignments. Always have a separate delivery address label.

3. Pack your goods correctly

  • Make sure anything breakable is wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • Also make sure that everything is packed in nice and snugly, filling up any spaces. Loose items means movement and that equals breakages.

4. Get your goods out on time

  • Some clients send goods out at the very last moment. Sometimes this can’t be helped but to give your delivery the best chance of success, when possible get your consignments out a day or 2 early. That way if there are customs issues or any other hold ups we will have time to sort them out.

5. Track your goods

  • Always track your goods.
  • 3D International Couriers automatically track your goods for you, keeping both the sender and the receiver copied into the tracking.

6. Weigh your shipments

  • This sounds obvious, but many fail to weigh their shipments correctly.
  • Please don’t try and guess the weight.
  • 3D International Couriers supply complimentary scales to all our regular clients.

7. Know your cubic weight

  • Always check the cubic weight.
  • We provide you with a simple desktop calculator free of charge.
  • Please don’t try and guess the cubic weight.


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