Many thanks to Don and his team for their flawless service and sound advice. As an amateur in international shipping I truly appreciated their guidance and my parcel was delivered promptly with no problems. Highly recommended. Andrea Vaughan

Mum sends Cloths and personal effects to her daughter in London 21st November 2014

Thank you to my clients for the kind words.

In my 16 years at the Gold Coast institute of TAFE I deal with courier companies as a part of my position receiving and dispatching of goods domestically and internationally.

My position as stores and dispatch officer requires me to find the most cost-effective and reliable means of transport to courier “advertising education” material all around the globe.

I have used many different companies in my time at the Gold Coast TAFE.

Without doubt “ 3D International Couriers “ has been the most cost-effective, reliable and helpful company I have ever had dealings with.

Always available for queries, most of the cumbersome and time-consuming paperwork preparing  the consignment are dealt with by 3D.
The pick-up and monitoring of the progress of the consignment are conveyed to our email address  and also confirmation of delivery.

I can highly recommend all aspects of 3D’s service. I will happily continue to use “ 3D International Couriers” on behalf of Gold Coast TAFE.

Yours faithfully,

Norman Smith
Stores Officer I Vehicle Co-ordinator Southport

3D International Couriers have been extremely helpful and efficient with our international freight requirements.
Their fast service and constant tracking updates are invaluable to our company.  We look forward to continuing
Our relationship into the future.

Kind regards,

Tania Frost Jones
CT Oceania

Thanks Don

We really appreciate all the patience and support from you this last season.
You’ve really helped the girls out with all the questions etc and I look forward
to receiving  your new calculator extraordinaire`

Kind Regards,

Meegan Mishalow
National Customer Service Manager

With 3D International Couriers we can always be guaranteed great service.

Our shipments always seem to be urgent and quite often International.

The process is incredibly easy and Don takes care of everything.
It makes the process very stress free and we have never had any problems
with any of our deliveries.

Most of our deliveries arrive before the estimated date which our clients are always very happy about.

Not only does it makes us look good it has also brought us new business from word of mouth from our current clients because they are so impressed with our prompt service.

Thanks Don.  So happy we have you there.


Hi, Don,
We have just received d goods. Thanks. Your service is fantastic n worry free.

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Can’t thank you enough,Don.All the very best with your business. You deserve to do well. You will be highly recommended by me.


Hi Don,

“Thanks heaps for the great service you and 3D provide us! We can always rely on 3D to get the job done.

Don always returns our calls quickly and provides an efficient and courteous service in managing our shipments. There’s no need to go elsewhere when 3D does it so well”

Marnie Galvin

Since engaging the services of 3D International Couriers, we have considerably improved our productivity.

Quite simply, when both your pickup is booked and your export paperwork is emailed to you, all within an hour of calling/emailing them, you cannot get an easier and more streamlined freight solution.

By the way, the rates are great and you’d have to go a long way to find more industry-specific expertise.

Thanks Don – keep it up!

Dale Rabic

Thank you very much!!  You are GREAT!!

Wakako Yamaguchi
Japan Market Manager
Global Village English Centres Brisbane.


I can confirm that we received the boxes today and you have a happy client here.


Steven Kowalski

Hi Kat,

Thanks so much for your excellent service – just great!  A Happy Easter to you all.


Dear Don and Kat,

Just to let you know that our international business officer has returned from his China visit.

All the hotels at the different destinations received the sent consignments on time or before time.

As a result of this he was able to conduct his business without the hassle of chasing up the materials he needed.

He mentioned to me that he was also pleased that it all worked out well.

Thanks again to the staff of 3D International Couriers. Reliable as usual.


Thank you Kat.

You guys are a dream to work with.

Have a great day too.

Out and about with Kids

Good Morning Don and Ken


These goods arrived at PHF early this morning

Thanks very much for your help

Much appreciated


Craig Williams

Mate this is unbelievably  good

Greg Goodman
M.B.A. B. Acc


I can confirm that DHL just delivered the 20 boxes. I thank you both for your professionalism.

I have made preliminary spot checks of the material and am more than satisfied to date.


Steven Kowalski

Thanks so much Don.  That is Jim’s address.  Your service is terrific……


Jillian Stratton
Group Administration Manager

Can’t thank you enough,Don.All the very best with your business. You deserve to do well. You will be highly recommended by me.



Many thanks for all your assistance Don – you truly are wonderful

Jean Hatfield
Mail Order Division

Hi Don,
Thanks so much- you’re a star!

Many thanks,


Dear Don,

Florence received her parcel yesterday around mid day local time.

Many thanks for the service you and the entire FedEx staff has rendered.

Good day.


Thanks for your excellent service as always!

Have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,

Emily Gray

Thank you for your excellent service & attention to detail Don.

Best Regards,



Love your work!




Nathaly has just returned from her European and Russian adventure.

I can’t remember how many places she went but she said that all of her consignments were there ready for her on each of her arrivals.

She wants to thank you and I for our efficiency and reliability.

I said I would pass the message on to the bestest courier company in the world.


Your a star – thank you so much


Hi Don , first parcel arrived today as you said thank u very much ,the other one is due Mon day , should be OK , and 3rd due for pick up in china Monday !!

thanks again for all your help

kind regards

Scott Roberts